Tranzparent Software

New Goals

  1. Goal (what do you want to achieve)
  2. Strategy (What overall method are you going to use)
  3. Contingency (What will you do if you don’t achieve your goal)
  4. Tactics (What practical actions are you prepared to instigate)
  5. Action Plan (Your ‘ to do’ list to carry out your tactics)
  6. KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators to measure your progress)
  7. Notes (To post any details on your Goal for reference or future action)
  8. Key Dates and Deadlines
  • WHAT
    This is the area that company Goals, Strategies, Tactics, Actions, KPI’s, Contingency Plans (in case Goals are not achieved), Notes on the Goals and Key Dates and Deadlines are posted on the software
  • WHO
    The User of the Software or approved Users of the Software
  • WHY
    Possibly the most important part of the planning process, Goal setting is the future focus for the company
  • WHEN
    Can be posted at any time, at point of Business Plan review or when a Goal is identified and requiring action
  • HOW
    Move to the Dashboard and then down to the Summary windows, click on ‘Manage Goals’. You will then be taken to Goals. You can add a New Goal in this window and then work through the Drop Down menu which lists Goals, Strategy, Contingency, Tactics, Action, KPI’s , Notes, Key Dates and Deadlines. Simply open each window from the Drop Down Menu and use accordingly


Publish Goal Report

  • Move to the Dashboard and click on ‘Goal Report’. This will generate a Goal Report from any of the nine modules listed.
  • They are: Risk Management, Estate Planning, Financial Management, Directors Meeting, Exit and Succession Plan, Wealth Creation, IT Planning, Sales and Marketing, Business Plan.
  • The Business Plan document will list the Goals only, whereas this report will act as an appendix to the Business Plan document listing Goals, Strategy, Tactics, Action Plans, Contingency Plans (on that particular Goal), KPI's, Notes and Key Dates and Deadlines.
  • N.B The Goal Report will differentiate between Short Term (1-2 years), Medium Term (3-8 years) and Long Term (9 years and onward).  The term will be generated when the Goal is posted and the Deadline is established.
  • The Goal Report will also summarise Goals Still Pending Approval, Goals Achieved, Goals Failed and Goals Archived.
  • The Goal Report can be published and utilised independently from the Business Plan document if required. This will allow a higher frequency of action working on identified Goals for the Business.