Tranzparent Software



  • WHAT 
    This is a visual and written summary of current action taking place in Business Planning, Exit and Succession Planning, Estate Planning, Sales and Marketing and IT Planning within the software
  •  WHO 
    The summary of actions are created by the users and approved users of the software
  • WHY 
    This will provide a quick look at progress made on Goals set within the software. It will also show meetings scheduled to review progress on attaining Goal or Tactical and Action Planning functions under way, actions required and historical data
  • WHEN
    The Summary will be generated automatically by the modular system that organises the Goal, Strategy, Tactics and Action Planning within the software. It will also provide other data required to assist the user to move forward with that particular Goal. It also provides some review functionality as well
  • How
    Start at the Dashboard and move to the Summary area under Key Dates and Deadlines. The Summary is populated with data that emanates from the various modules and associated actions that are taking place with particular Goals. There are Hyperlinks that will take you back to various starting points and action taken.

  • Business Plan Summary will hyperlink you back to the Goals in that section of the software. There also hyperlinks for Exit and Succession Planning Summary, Sales and Marketing Summary and IT Planning Summary which will operate the same way
  • Next Meeting hyperlinks you to Meeting details formulated in connection with that particular Goal in that particular section
  • The Pie Graphs are a visual indication on the progress made on that particular Goal in that particular section. They also automatically update based on updates posted in the appropriate modules